FCC Training Day 2023

Faith community church training day
Get plugged into church at training day. Understand the theme of the year , and keep in step with any updates in policies and procedures. We cover everything from safeguarding to GDPR issues, new programmes as well as whats new in FCC

We had a very instructive time at our annual Training Day last Saturday.

Brethren from both Bedford and Cambridge arrived at Great Cambourne prepared to be impacted by the 4 great sessions of the day.

Pastor Daniel opened up the day by giving us an outlook of FCC’s journey over the  years, highlighting how the vision got refined. We then took stock of how 2022 went down for us as a church and he also took the opportunity to reiterate the theme of the current year.

At Faith Community Church, we do not take lightly the responsibility we have over any adult or child who is a part of our church. As per our custom, we had one of our Designated Safeguarding Persons from Cambridge give us a refresher on all the worrying signs to look out for and strategies we can put in place to ensure the safety of our members both within the church and in our localities. 

After a short break, we did some teamwork exercises, exploring our creative skills with some more or less elaborate stories: this gave room to some healthy competitiveness between teams and shone a light on some of our more poetic members! The next activity was an opportunity to find out more about each other, share about the various gifts each one of us is blessed with and discuss any ideas or suggestions that would enhance the ministry.

Last but not least, we closed the day with an inspirational session by Pastor Delroy Smith on the Leadership of Jesus. 

He highlighted 4 key points that made the disciples to be relevant in Jesus’ ministry on earth, and exhorted us on how we – as workers and leaders in the church – can be relevant in our ministry and make the load much easier to carry for our man of God. By sharing his personal testimony and some of the experiences he has encountered in his own church, Pastor Delroy profoundly blessed us and left us with much to ponder on.

In spite of the freezing conditions caused by a malfunctioning thermostat, we all had a terrific time and we all went back to our various homes, having been stirred up and motivated for the tasks ahead of us in this year 2023.

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