God is Faithful Righteous Worthy Ever present Never failing

How the build is going

For updates on the progress of our building project, check out our website: we will be posting articles about it periodically.

Donating to the Worship Centre fund

Every single brick is a testament of God’s unwavering faithfulness to this church. We are very appreciative of how God has been providing through the people He puts in place to see this project through! If you would like to sow a seed into our ministry, please feel free to contribute in any way you can; even the smallest amount is a blessing which we will graciously receive! 

To everyone who has sown in whatever capacity, may the Lord richly bless you and replenish you for your show of love and support. We thank you and appreciate you.

Ways to donate

  1. Paypal

    Give now

  2. Bank transfer
    SORT CODE: 600213
    ACC No : 51832658
  3. Bank Cheque

If you want to learn more about sowing into our ministry, please visit our giving page for more detailed information.

4. GoFundMe building page. You can give directly on the gofundme page