21 Days of fasting

Why we Fast

When we fast we choose to go without basic physical sustenance for a time to develop spiritual fortitude. The scripture highlights that amazing things followed when there was spiritual strength. At the beginning of these examples you find there is a common theme to how these were normally achieved. From Moses receiving the 10 commandments (Exodus 34:27–28), to Jesus in the wilderness for forty days(Luke 4), to Queen Esther fasting for courage(Esther 4:16), what follows is always breathtaking. The power of prayer is immeasurable, but when it is supercharged with fasting , the results are  life changing rolex daytona 116518 mens rolex calibre 7750 white dial automatic

The thing about fasting that most people do not realise is it shows more than anything, an outstanding level of faith! After all, even if you look at it from a physical perspective, no rational person would deprive themselves of a basic fundamental need unless they have complete faith in what they are trying to achieve.

Think about it, some children will refuse to eat at a friend’s house come what may, because their mum said she would cook their favourite meal for dinner. They have the assurance and confidence that their mother is cooking at home, so why should spoil their appetite? after all , they have never gone without, and a husband will go all through the day in anticipation of his wife’s cooking at home knowing that what she has for him will satisfy him completely. Our appetite for the things of God should drive us to hunger more for the spiritual ,as that appetite brings supernatural food to feed you in a time of pain, sickness, lack, isolation and insecurity.

Fasting brings you closer to God because it drowns out the physical longings and quietens our body’s cravings. This is something I would liken to a child being disciplined as they would have to readjust their attitude henceforth. It may be painful in the moment, but as a result your spiritual senses become more prominent, as you are now more attuned to the things of the spirit. Consequently, you have rebalanced your spiritual needs over your physical needs. 

And the amazing thing about it is that, in some instances, fasting amplifies the gifts of the spirit that you possess and reveals dormant gifts because you are now more receptive to God and the realm of the spiritual. 

In a year where we as a church are endeavouring and focusing on going from strength to strength, that assignment becomes much more achievable if we are leaning on God for sustenance, constantly seeking Him in prayer, disciplined and continually dying to the flesh.

Little by little, we will find ourselves building more robust worship lives, growing much more sustainable prayer networks, establishing more for the kingdom, more listening, hearing more, discerning more, and growing from strength to strength

Having said all of this, please always remember… Prayer without fasting is still powerful, fasting without prayer is just dieting

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  1. Greetings to all. I just wanted to share that last year I fasted for the first time not even knowing what I was fasting for. Anyway I began to get wake up every night in that 7 day fast at 2.00am and just talked with the Lord (praying) . I never knew what this was doing for me at the time but I was building I was developing a relationship with the father and this is where I found him. So with the understanding of how powerful this time is I am so excited to see what the Lord will show me/ us at fcc. We are on a journey as one body and as we give God this little sacrifice I know and believe he will bless his people. Our eyes are focused on you Lord and we could never repay you and I am not worthy alone but with u I am worthy. So thank you Yesuah 🙏🏽

    1. Love this Marika, and certainly encouraged by it. Keep up the great work sis, so proud to call you my sister in the Lord.

  2. Thank you for the words shared here, and hope that as we go through a time of prayer and fasting, and as we continue in having faith, we will be able to encounter this life-changing moment in our life’s

  3. Thank you for this blog post Nick, it’s such an encouragement to read this word during our 21 days fast (as we joins millions of other Christians around the world doing the same thing), especially at the point where a few days into our fast gets a bit challenging, not just dietary or physically, but also mentally and spiritually. I’ve certainly been energised by reading this blog and look forward to receiving many more. Thank you bro.

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Be blessed in the Lord our God.

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Be blessed in the Lord our God.

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