A night of Praise and Worship!

Momentum 23

Well, well, well, what a night!!

At Faith Community Church, we thank God for a successful first edition of Momentum!

Everyone came out on Saturday night excited and ready to praise the Lord. Blessed be the Lord our God, who see us and knows what we need in every circumstance, after a long arduous week,  God knew I certainly needed an injection of Momentum, and Praise is what we did all evening.

Pastor Daniel Brown set the tone challenging us to worship with his distinct style, leading us on a joyous celebration of our God, he set us on our way with some amazing thanksgiving.

Then we had the delight of having Alexis J Brown take us to a place of unreserved worship, and unapologetically , she began to exalt the most high, she opened our spirits up to experience the Love of God, and we gave our sacrifice of praise in the house of the Lord.

Darren Evans-Henry & Essence  brought an energy that turned the whole house into fortress of Praise, their energy and passion resonated throughout the whole house, and as we danced and Praised with them, you could help but give God glory for such a blessed and impassioned group of young people who took this praise event to  an eclectic level with a multi facetted offering on the night

By the time Nicky Brown came up to minister the house was already on fire, each of the preceding artists had led us into a great atmosphere with their own blend of R’n’B gospel, reggae, dancehall and afro rhythms. 

Nicky led us head on into an encounter with the Spirit, which at this point had filled the atmosphere, and as we opened our mouths to worship, and used our bodies to praise,we were experiencing an intimacy with God that was truly transendent.

We had so much fun dancing and praising God,  and as we lifted our hands in adoration to the King, the presence of God became so tangible in the room. When God’s people come together to exalt Him above everything, He is just and faithful to manifest Himself and move in powerful ways. I am in no doubt that at Momentum, Chains were broken, barriers were shattered, and mountains were overcome because the Spirit of the Living God was among us, working relentlessly on our behalf.

We thank the Lord for the healing and salvation that took place, the impartation of the Spirit and the impact that this event has had on the people who were present and our community as a whole.

Without a shadow of a doubt, we know that something great has been set in motion last Saturday and we are looking forward to hosting more and more of such events in Bedford in the coming months. The next edition of Momentum has already been scheduled for Saturday 23rd March 2024 and we prophesy that Momentum 2024 will be even greater than it was this year (Haggai 2:9); so don’t delay and book your tickets now.

If you’re interested, you can still purchase your Momentum T-shirt – as well as a link to Pastor Daniel Brown’s album Come with me on Amazon music.

This year at FCC, we are indeed going from strength to strength and this was just the beginning! Praise God!

How did you find momentum

Please leave us some feedback on how you found our first Momentum event. We would like to hear what you thought as well as how we can make it better next year. Thank you for helping us !

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  1. What an awesome event! I was really blessed on Saturday, the worship was amazing, the energy was amazing, the team worked really well and i am still buzzing. God’s presence was clearly there for all to experience. Thank you FCC for an amazing event, see you at the next one!

  2. What a night what a night. I just want to encourage anybody that hasn’t ever been to a worship night to give it a try. Before I gave my life to christ I would go to dances/raves and get hot a sweaty 😓 receive bad vibes and unnecessary attitudes but a worship night….. This is where things happen supernatural things. The presence of the Lord is real and he showed up and showed out healing and comforting and give hope to the hopeless. No dance/rave alcohol or drug can do these things only the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. No rave keeps me flying high days or weeks later. Only Jesus. So yes count me in for worship night 24 I’m there God willing. I love my church. I love FCC. Keep shining family as God continues to shine his face upon us. One love to all🙏🏽

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Be blessed in the Lord our God.

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Be blessed in the Lord our God.

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